Volume 5 2013 (2014)

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Yearbook of the Lublin Society of Genealogy TomV (all)
Annex Volume V
Table of Contents:


Jerzy Mańkowski (Warsaw), The date of birth of Queen Jadwiga Of Poland and the date of her wedding with Władysław Jagiełło in the context of the Union of Krewo. Philologist’s remarks on the main sources.


Maryna Babińska (Zhytomyr, Ukraine), Discussions of the Polish Heraldic Committee in 1911-1930 on the origin of Duke Fedek Nieświzki.


Agnieszka Nalewajek (Lublin), The House of Żółkiewski in the royal service at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries.


Igor Smutok (Drohobych, Ukraine), Hereditary line of the nobility of the Przemyśl region between the 15th and 17th centuries.


Mariusz Kozdrach (Lublin), The composition and organisation of the manor house in Janowiec of the last representatives of the House of Lubomirski. An attempt at a reconstruction on the basis of church books.


Andrzej Kaproń (Lublin), Wojciech Wiercieński and his descendants.


Mariola Tymochowicz (Lublin), The role of traditional rites of passage in maintaining family and social ties (examples from Lublin Voivodeship).


Jarosław R. Marczewski (Lublin), An episode in the history of the House of Sobieski. A document of funding a votive Mass of the Blessed Sacrament in the Chełm cathedral in Krasnystaw (1635).


Bożena Popiołek (Cracow), Marianna Ossolińska (died in 1688), née Bremer, Khorunzhyi of Nur as a testatrix.


Urszula Kicińska (Cracow), Life contract as an example of financial regulations between spouses in the distant past in Poland.


Włodzimierz Czarnecki, The nobility of the Chełm region until the half of the 16th century, The European Cultural Heritage Research Institute, (Dissertationes – The European Cultural Heritage Research Institute; vol. 4) Białystok 2012, 434, [1] p., [1]: no ; 25 cm, 11 Piotr Andrzej Dmochowski, Andrzej Sikorski (Warsaw)


Oleg Chorowiec, The armorial of the nobility of Wołyń: vol. I, Radom 2012, pp. 574; Vol. II, Radom 2013, pp. 577, Adam A. Pszczółkowski (Krajewo-Wierciochy).


Joachim Zdrenka, The inhabitants of the Złotów region killed in I World War 1914–1918 / Die Gefallenen des Flatower Landes im 1. Weltkrieg 1914–1918, „Biblioteka Muzeum Ziemi Złotowskiej”, vol. 7, Wydawnictwo Eternum, Złotów 2011, pp. 343; Joachim Zdrenka, The inhabitants of the Złotów region killed in II World War 1939–1945 / Die Gefallenen des Flatower Landes im 1. Weltkrieg 1939–1945, „Biblioteka Muzeum Ziemi Złotowskiej”, vol. 8, Wydawnictwo Eternum, Złotów 2011, pp. 350, Tomasz Rembalski (Gdańsk)


Dominik Szulc (Lublin), A report on a vernissage of an exhibition of the Lublin Genealogical Society „Lubelskie Genealogie”, 12 VI-16 IX 2013, Lublin.


Mateusz Wyżga (Cracow), A report on II Malopolska Assembly of Regional and Local Societies 23 XI 2013, Cracow.


Hubert Mącik (Lublin), St. Elizabeth Church and cemetery in Niezdów – about the need of reliability of historical research.


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