The eligibility criteria for publication or rejection

The publication must correspond to the journal profile, have a scientific apparatus, use the old and newest literature of the subject, if necessary also foreign and based on non-printed sources, as well as meet the ministerial criteria formulated for scientific articles, we quote:

Scientific article it is an article presenting the results of original empirical, theoretical, technical or analytical research containing the title of publications, names and names of authors with their affiliation and presenting the current state of knowledge, research methodology, the course of the research process, its results and conclusions, citation cited literature (bibliography). Scientific articles also include monographic, polemical or review papers published in scientific journals, as well as glosses or legal commentaries.

The written review contains a clear conclusion of the reviewer regarding the conditions for the admission of a scientific article for publication or its rejection. The review is presented to the Author of the publication without providing the name of the Reviewer, in order to enable the Author to comment on the review.