Volume 6 2014 (2015)

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Yearbook of the Genealogical Society of Lublin Volume VI (all)
Table of Contents:



Piotr Andrzej Dmochowski (Warsaw), An attempt to identify the relatives
of Świętosław, the first judge of Łuków. A reason for geneaology and settlement of the line of Pobóg family in Czersk Land in the Middle Ages.


Dariusz Kupisz (Lublin), The geneaology of the Kochanowski family from Kierzków from the end of the 15th century to the half of the 19th centuryv.


Tomasz Błach (Lublin), Jan Tomasz Józefowicz (1662-1728) and his ancestors.


Piotr Szkutnik (Łódź), The oldest inhabitants of the parish of Opole (Lubelskie) at the end of the 18th century and their families. An attempt to verify age given in metrical death certificates.


Grzegorz Trafalski (Łódź), Alegata as a source material for genealogical studies. Appendix from the hunting civil registry in 1808-1815.


Mariusz Nowak (Kielce), The history of the line of Przecław earls of Greater Poland in the 19th and 20th centuries – a general outline.


Anna Penkała (Cracov), Marriage contracts of the Polish nobility as a source of biographical and property information on the basis of the prenuptial agreement between Antonina Rzewuska and Piotr Miączyński.


Michał Tomasz Wójciuk (Warsaw-Lublin), The specification of tenements and revitalization of the Major Lublin in 1738.


Adam A. Pszczółkowski (Krajewo-Wierciochy), Public donation in the powiat of Nursk in 1789.


Piotr Rachwał (Lublin), Metrical books from the times of the Austrian Partition in parish archives in the region of Lublin – legal settings, conditions of preservation.


Dmochowski, Andrzej Sikorski (Warsaw), The armorial of the gentry of the region of Łuków in the land of Lublin, vol. 1, edited by Marek Woliński, CKH Publisher House, Szczecin 2011, pp. 355; vol. 2, edited by Marek Woliński, CKH Publisher House, Szczecin 2011, pp. 490, Piotr Andrzej.


Urszula Kicińska (Cracow), Wiesław Bondyra, Land property in the voivodeship of Bełz in the Saxon period, Lublin 2015, pp. 289.


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