Reviewing the basics

Basic principles of reviewing scientific articles in the Yearbook of the Lublin Genealogical Society


1. The evaluate a scientific article do at least two independent reviewers, who are appointed from outside the unit in which the author of the publication is affiliated.

2. If texts was created in a foreign language, the Editors will undertake that at least one of his Reviewers should be affiliated in a foreign institution other than the author’s nationality.

3. The recommended solution is a model in which the author (s) and reviewers do not know their identities (the so-called “double-blind review process”).

4. In other solutions, the reviewer must sign a declaration of absence of a conflict of interests postponed by the editors; a conflict of interest is considered to occur between the reviewer and the author:
a) direct personal relationships (kinship, legal relationships, conflicts),
b) professional subordination relationships,
c) direct scientific cooperation during the last two years preceding the preparation of the review.

5. The review must be in writing form and should end with a one-sentence application on the admission of the article to publication or its rejection.

6. Only those articles that are consistent with the profile of the magazine and present a sufficiently high substantive level may be accepted for publication.

7. The names of reviewers of individual publications are not disclosed; once a year, the journal publishes a list of cooperating reviewers.