About the yearbook

What is a yearbook?

In 2009. LTG adopted a draft extradite its continuous publishing, periodical publishing of scientific texts once a year, broadly related to genealogy and heraldry, chivalry and nobility, of archives, historical statistics and demography, but also genetics and archeology, in so far as it can this interest genealogists. The magazine has at the same time innovative in the market form – is not available in free sale, but published at the expense of the publisher and sold on request private individuals and public institutions, especially academics and state archives and research libraries. Yearbook editors goal that was originally set themselves ultimately, the success we believe, achieved. Volumes I-VI writers gathered not only from across the country, but also abroad (Russia, Belgium, Ukraine) who provided diverse subject matter of the text. All of them are reviewed. Consisting of a group of historians Sciences, UMTS, KUL, UJK, the Institute of History of Lithuania in Vilnius and the State University of Technology in Minsk. Editorial Board submitted materials subjected to treatments editorial guidelines, according to the latest Polish Ministry of Science and Index Copernicus International;. In turn, the composition of the Scientific Council are the professors UMTS, Warsaw University, the University of Bialystok, Vilnius University and the Institute of History of Lithuania in Vilnius. The whole material is also published on the website of the Yearbook LTG and is available to all interested parties free of charge. Is printed in an edition of 120 to approx. 400 copies (depending on the vintage), along with photos, including color. Currently, scored by Higher Education (5 pts.), Index Journal Master List (IC Value 5.64 pts.) And is listed in the bibliography of magazines bulleted employees at Warsaw University.

The magazine is published in April-May every year. Texts along with abstracts, tłumaczonymi then on j. English, Russian, French, Polish, Hungarian, Lithuanian and German and occasionally other must be sent to rocznik.ltg@interia.pl or (possibly) genealogy.yearbook@interia.eu to February (please write in j. English, Polish or Russian).