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Szanowni Państwo !

The Lublin Genealogical Society is proud to present you its publishing plans for 2015-2016. Our organization has been associating several dozen researchers and enthusiasts of genealogy, heraldry and historical demographics from the Lublin region and not only since 2006. In 2009, “Lubelskie TG” undertook the project of publishing its own continuous publication, a scientific journal that published once a year texts on broadly understood genealogy, knight and noble heraldry, archivistics (in connection with genealogical research) and statistics and historical demography. This magazine has an innovative formula on the market – it is not available in free sale, but published at the publisher’s expense and sent to the order of private persons and public institutions, especially science employees, state archives and scientific libraries (please send orders to the email address editorial). The goal that the Yearbook editors originally set for themselves was finally, with success, we think, achieved. Volumes I-VII gathered authors not only from the whole country, but also from abroad, who provided a varied theme of the published texts. The publishing house went to Polish and foreign libraries and individual recipients, gaining recognition and interest in the eyes of many. With the contents of previously published volumes, you can read on the journal’s website at:

Please send the texts to the e-mail address They should meet the following requirements:

I. Text structure:
  • name and surname of the author (s),
  • name of the organizational unit, university, institution or organization,
  • job title,
  • subheadings,
  • to the “Articles” and “Materials and Sources”, please attach summaries in Polish (up to 20 lines), which will then be translated by the Editors into English and, possibly, also other conference languages,
  • all short texts should also be accompanied by short biographical notes of their authors, in order to later translate into consecutive languages ​​selected by the editors, according to the following scheme: first name, surname (capital letters) of the author, directional education, degree / title, job and place of work, membership in major scientific organizations / institutions, independent authorship of major monographic works, e-mail contact for Readers / optional marking of the possibility of contact only through the Editorial Office.
II. Technical informations:
  • Text in the Word editor format (extension * .doc); font: Book Antiqua, 11 p; 1.5 space; margins 2.5; footnotes – Antiqua Book, 8 p, interval 1; we start the new paragraph with an indentation of 1 cm,
  • Continuous page numbering within the entire work (bottom right corner),
  • Footnotes are always placed as the bottom, never after a dot or comma.
Footnotes should be at the bottom of the page, according to the formula:
  • Monographs should contain: initial of first and last name, title in italics, place and year of publication, pages,,
  • Article in collective work: initial of first and last name, title in italics, [in:] title of the work, editor / s / (edited …), place and year of publication, page,
  • The article in the journal: the initial of the first and last name, the title of the article, the “title of the journal”, the date of the day – the Roman record (eg 15 X 2007),
  • An article in a scientific journal: the initial of the first and last name, the title of the article, the title of the journal, the year, the year from the given year, pp.
  • Internet material: source description, URL: .

Editorial Board invites all interested to send texts to the following sections::

  • Articles,
  • Materials and sources,
  • Reviews and polemics,
  • Publishing events,
  • Reports,
  • Varia,
  • In memorial,
  • Supplements
  • Accessories.